Dr. Patrick Carter serves District 6 through 1/2023.

I have decided not to run for reelection for Regent in District 6. I want to concentrate on spending time with my kids before they leave the nest in several years.

I had the want and need to give something back to my state and country. I feel like I have done that by using my twenty years of experience in higher education, diligently reading 100s if not 1000s of pages or material monthly, and seeking to understand issues from broad perspectives that provide shared governance to everyone connected to NSHE. It has been a personal sacrifice of time and money to serve.

My intent was not to be a career politician. When my kids have left home for college, I may return to the world of politics because there will always be a need to represent education and students in the government, but I don’t feel that calling right now.

What is a Regent?

Regents govern the Nevada System of Higher Education by setting policy, approving budgets, and overseeing the hiring of the Chancellor and Presidents.